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Friday, April 28, 2017


This months Fashion Friday is very a very special one , I just love the Be series graphic T- shirts and they are on sale just use code BESTORY and got yourself one for 15.95 with free shipping to purchase just click on the picture below. Offer good till 4/30

Click picture to purchase 

I choose the shirt in pink that says be kind, I wish the be kind was in purple but I made the pink shirt work and found a nice over shirt to pair it with along with some cute skinny jeans. I just love these shirts from cents of style they are all so soft and light weight and very comfortable and I love how they offer plus size up to a 2x size 20-22.


My reasoning for this shirt is because I do my best to teach my children that they need to BE KIND  to everyone. In this day and age bullying is a very big thing and I in no way want my children to be part of it. I am sure most of anyone who has wanted to has seen 13 Reasons Why by now and know just how real and devastating bulling can be. I have learned to realize just how real it is even with my kids only being in elementary school with my oldest going into middle school next school year. The things I have heard seen and stories I have been told are just outrageous to be happening to kids who are so young and I know it just gets worse as your get older. Adults can be so cruel and we need to be the ones who are setting good examples for our children and future generations. I can only hope that my teaching my kids to BE KIND that they can help others and not become part of the problem.

I received the T shirt from cents of style at no cost for this promotion. All opinions stated here are entirely my own*Post contains affiliate links which I will be compensated for if you make a purchase after using my links.*

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